• Alexa Dione Francis

Bigger and Better Than Ever


So, this is quite the revamp compared to the last site isn't it?

The reason being that I am going to pour my heart and soul into my blog. I really enjoy writing and photography, although not a career choice for me anymore, is still a hobby that I love and like sharing all that with other people.

I wanted to seriously upgrade my old blog and really give this all I've got by sharing college projects and photos I have taken, writing about things I am passionate about such as mental health as well as documenting things in my life. Recently I have been neglecting to make the time for the things that I love doing such as writing blog posts, art and baking so therefore I will be uploading a post a week and hopefully they will be of some quality unless I just start waffling... Like now.

For anyone that doesn't know anything about me, here are ten relatively revealing facts about myself that briefly sum up the kind of person I am... mostly just proof that I'm an old woman in the form of a nineteen year old.

1. Let's just get this out there now, I am a huge fan of Escape to the Country. I said it. I don't know what it is because I really don't like programmes like DIY: SOS (I sincerely apologise to Nick Knowles but it just isn't for me) but somehow I feel very calm and relaxed watching it before bed. Bedtime also is usually around 9pm...See? Old woman.

2. I am quite possibly one of the biggest Harry Potter fans ever. I love anything to do with the Wizarding World, am guilty of having read all the books so many times I've lost count. All of this stems from my mum, when I was younger (and even now) she will use Harry Potter analogies to help me understand something better, to explain something. It always works by the way.

3. Currently I'm in my second year at college studying Level 3 Media Production & Technology. I've already completed two years of A Levels at my high school Sixth Form and got decent grades however I didn't want to go to Uni but equally wasn't ready to leave education and I wanted to study in the area of work I would like to go in. My course doesn't limit you to being a filmmaker or animator, it can also lead you into media journalism or PR as well as marketing and advertising.

4. One of my many (non-existent) talents includes spending hours on Pinterest, decorating the interior of my nice big fancy house that I don't have etc. I can't be the only guilty one of accidentally getting sucked into the world of Pinterest right?

5. I have two tattoos, one small one on my ribs and one on my wrist. Soon I hope to get more but it's a little pricey so best I keep saving!

6. Nine times out of ten, any recipe I use when I'm baking has come straight out of 'Tanya Bakes' by Tanya Burr. I've gone from buying her book and being able to burn water to making some goodies that have become family favourites in my household such as triple chocolate cookies, lemon drizzle loaf and chocolate chip shortbread.

7. I have two part-time jobs, one in a local clothing shop and the other in a cinema which is always fun, I've made friends with so many great people who I always have a laugh with. (So cringey, may as well add in the monkey emoji that's covering its eyes in here)

8. Photography is something I really enjoy and was looking at pursuing as a career at one point however I love it more as a hobby. My old site was a photography-website-meets-blog but I'm looking more at keeping things simple, sharing my photos on Instagram rather than battling to get regular content onto a website.

9. I am a huge comedy fan, I watch far too many 'Mock the Week' episodes whether

that be an old series on Netflix or the current series on the BBC with a particular love for James Acaster. 'Russell Howard's Good News' or now 'The Russell Howard Hour' is watched and enjoyed by everyone in my house... Oh and if you want a good laugh, Google 'Joe Lycett missing cat' because that is a 'Live at the Apollo' story you need in your life.

10. My girl crush is Dua Lipa and I think we can all agree. Whether we're following her New Rules or admiring her abs she is honestly as far as any of us know, absolutely flawless. If you haven't listened to her album (self-titled as 'Dua Lipa', duh) you are only letting yourself down so go get educated people.

Anyway, I thought something simple like this would be a good way to introduce myself as opposed to writing the beginnings of an autobiography or sound like I was writing a CV. Like I say, this is just a little introduction but keep your eyes peeled as every other Sunday I will be uploading a new blog post. Keeping it manageable for myself while I still have a media course to finish but occasionally there may be a surprise post!

All my love,

Alexa x