• Alexa Dione Francis

Stop The Planet; I Want To Get Off

Right so, let's begin.

I've not had the best week... or weeks. Yep, we'll go with plural. There have been quite a lot of changes and adjustments in my life recently which came at a lovely convenient time as my mental health has taken another dip. It's all going fantastically well! Although to be fair to myself, some good things have happened, I passed my driving test first time which I was so pleased about! But onto the not so rosy stuff, my next post will be a lot more light-hearted I promise.

Currently, I am finding Arthur Anxiety and Denise Depression (my two wonderful friends that reside in my brain and seem to like it so much that they won't leave) have been drowning out any logic and reason by shouting negativity from the rooftops. Rather than looking for solutions or strategies, I'm consumed with focusing on all the things going wrong at the moment. Definitely in a 'Stop the planet; I want to get off' kind of phase, so really positive.

I've had enough of this whole 'adulting' thing and I was never one of those kids that couldn't wait to grow up and have a job and in general, be an adult. The thought of leaving the safety of full-time education and paying rent while trying to find a responsible job to begin a career in what I want to do for the rest of my life. At the moment, I'm at a loss with my college course. This year I'm not enjoying it as much as first year and that's making it really hard to motivate myself to do the work at all let alone to a decent standard. It does all come in waves though and that the thing that's hard to explain to people. I don't look unwell either, again making it difficult for those around me to appreciate that sometimes I wake up and it is a bad day and I cannot bring myself to 'do life'.

The past few days have been better, with a sudden burst of wanting to get back to being myself again, I've made a list of the work I need to do and am slowly plodding my way through that as well as forcing myself to stick to my fortnightly blog post. So, given the unintentional topic of this week's upload I thought that I would talk about five of the little things I do to perk myself up a bit when I feel low and like absolute rubbish.

1. Have a good old cry and vent to your mum-

My mum is my direct port of call when I'm having a dip, whether I talk about how I'm feeling or for her to just hug me for a really really long time. It helps a lot. My mother is actually amazing.

2. Watch Harry Potter back to back-

Similarly I'll watch Moana, Tangled or The Holiday, it really does depend on the mood...insert your favourite film here.

3. Turn off your phone-

Clearly, in this day and age is a lot easier said then done. We all want to stay connected and know what's happening but also when you're bored there is no better vice than to be mindlessly scrolling through Twitter and Instagram...it's when you hit that Explore page on Instagram that you no doubt feel even worse when it comes to your self esteem.

4. Go to bed at a reasonable time-

I am an absolute sucker for an early night, I need my sleep or I simply cannot SURVIVE. I am not a nice person to know when I'm beyond tired. I always fall asleep listening to something, before I would have Mock the Week playing but a month ago I bought Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as an audiobook. It's just over 12 hours long so perfect if you're having trouble falling asleep and is read by Stephen Fry who has the most calming voice! you can also change the speed that it's read to you at which is really handy.

5. Look after yourself-

Whether you struggle with your mental health or you just get super stressed out sometimes it is so important to be kind and gentle to yourself. It's far too easy to forget and leave your needs at the bottom of the priorities list but it's so important to take a little time for yourself to do things that you enjoy doing or treating yourself to food or some new clothes. Breathe, be gentle with yourself and be selfish from time to time!

Okay, I'm going to sign off now, I went out for a late lunch with my family earlier today and I am still in a food coma; it's looking more and more likely as I sit in front of the log burner in the living room I am going to need to go to sleep almost immediately after posting this!

All my love,

Alexa x