• Alexa Dione Francis

Hello, 2019

Happy New Year to all you lovely people out there and welcome back to my blog!

Nothing like a simple yet oddly cringe blog post title to capture your attention is there? No, I didn't think so. Also I hope you all like the new look I have going on for my blog, she's looking fancy and it MOVES! I've gone for a slightly more professional and clean look this time but it will probably change at some point.

Okay so just quickly, could someone explain to me where on earth 2018 went? Don't get me wrong, I am happy to see the back of her, she was very up and down. A complicated mess really but she tried her best. It felt as though January lasted for at least five months?? It was hot in the summer for weeks on end??? We almost made it into the final of the World Cup? Chaotic.

Anyway, I have been absent since AUGUST which is not what I had hoped for, I had so much I wanted to put up onto this site but it never seemed to quite go to plan. For those who know me well, you could say that organisation and time management are not my strong suits, (in which case you are correct) however I am very keen to work on that and I'm not doing too badly truthfully! Towards the end of December, I sat huddled up next to a radiator in Loveone (the most beaut shop that you can find hidden away on St Peters Street in Ipswich like the true gem it is) planning four posts a month that are all already titled so no excuses that I had nothing to write about!

Originally I was going to post '2018: A Year In Review' but honestly I'm over it, it's done so let's all move on! Just to clarify, it wasn't too bad a year for me at all, lots of good things happened to me such as becoming friends with some fab people who I adore as well as getting a new job! That's right ladies, I did it, I got out of the cinema and I am beginning a whole new journey that I am terrified of because it is such a big change but I am so ready for the challenge. Equally, last year was a bit tough too. I lost my great grandad which was hard. I'm very lucky in the sense that I am almost 21 years old and this is really the only big loss I have had to deal with. I'm lucky that I got to know my great grandfather reasonably well and he was able to see all four of his great grandchildren grow up. So yeah, 2018 was quite the mixed bag.

Instead, I have decided that I am going to share a list of things that I hope will come from this new year. Hopefully it won't get too cheesy but let me assure you I won't be including things such as 'I want to smile more' because EW and you won't catch me saying that it is my goal to be a constant, shining beacon of positivity either because it just isn't realistic. We all have bad days so it would be mad to pretend we don't. I just think it's all about acknowledging that and trying to move on from there.

Right okay, let's get into this. Without further a do, I present my mini list of what I want out of this new year........

Top 5 Things

I Hope to Come From 2019

1. I Truly Embrace Self-love

From multiple conversations I've had with my best pals Ellie and Bryony, I've realised that I am so horrible to myself. We all agreed that we should all treat ourselves with more kindness because 99.9% of the nasty things I tell myself especially about how I look and about the things that I do I would never dream of saying to my friends or my sister for example. There's just no need for it so my aim is to not put myself down or belittle myself (as best I can because it has literally become a reflex for whenever anyone says anything nice to me at all) and to just say 'thank you' when someone compliments me. As well as this, I'd like to rejoin a gym as I cancelled my membership due to me not being in Ipswich every day due to me getting a new job closer to where I live. I really miss it actually, I felt so good for it mentally and physically. Luckily for me, I know some people who are in the gym at least five days a week (you won't catch me and my weak noodle arms there that often) and this weirdly motivates me to get back into it. Time to cut back on Jaffa Cakes, sadly. But anyway, self-love 2019 guys, join the movement.


I will go and see some of the world this year because I'm really getting itchy watching all the people I follow on Instagram off in Singapore, Barcelona and goodness knows where else and I want in on that. I've decided that I will definitely go to Canada this year; myself and Kristina turn 21 this year so what better way to celebrate than me forcing myself through buckets of anxiety to hop on a plane and go visit her so she can show me all the amazing things Canada is home to. I hope that will be my big trip this year (at the least) and ideally I'd like to go on a few mini breaks too...maybe with a party holiday to Ibiza with some of my friends mixed in there as well!

3. Not Let My Anxiety Get The Best Of Me

That and to not let it stop me from doing things. I am already stressed and anxious about doing a long flight to Canada on my own when I haven't even booked anything yet? It makes absolutely no sense. Truthfully I feel I have gotten much better at this but nonetheless, it doesn't hurt to continue practicing this as sometimes this still happens. I won't be controlled by it and miss out on things I want to do or people I want to see because I've let myself listen to my anxiety and give in. Not today Satan, not today.

4. Practice and Improve My Photography

Finally I have fallen back in love with photography after leaving it behind for months, any guesses as to why? No? Well here's the plot-twist no one saw coming; I spent ages telling myself I was rubbish at it and so I should probably quit. While I am not a self-proclaimed talented photographer, I don't think I'm too bad and I really love experimenting with it. I work at an auctioneer house (such a weird and cool new job, I like it a lot so far) and we get in so many different and old cameras it makes me really geek out. I found a Kodak one last week that was made and used in 1913 and I am a little bit obsessed now! Another thing I'd like to do is buy a few disposable cameras to use and make a 'Disposable Diary' project type thing.

In addition to improving my photography, I want to take more photos in general. Even just some good old iPhone snaps. Everyday boring things to more photos with my bestest friends and my family etc.

5. Be Vegetarian By the End of the Year

I imagine some of you might have gotten this far and are now rolling your eyes, I hope people won't get as affected by this as Piers Morgan with a Greggs vegan sausage roll (did anyone tell him that he didn't actually have to eat one by the way? Seemed he thought he was going to be force fed one?).

Now, as someone of a rather anxious nature I saw a thread on Twitter a while ago about climate change and really freaked myself out about it. Just doing a little research will show you pretty quickly that the meat industry creates a lot of greenhouse gases, it takes up so much land and uses insane amounts of water. I'm not telling anyone to become vegan or go veggie by the way, this is a choice I'd like to make as I want to eat better as well as helping the environment the best I can. I'll be doing it in small steps, truthfully I don't eat meat every day of the week anyway which is helpful but I tried just cutting out all of that stuff without planning anything of what I would eat while my family all had spag bol which was very emotional.

Right well, that is just about it. My first post (of many, I've got lots planned out I promise) in 2019 is complete! If you have read me waffle on then I'd love to hear from you and what you think, or maybe to share what your hopes for this year are whether that is by messaging me on my instagram @alexadione (but you can find all my social media links at the top of the home page and blog feed!. You can also join the mailing list which just means whenever I post something you get a little email notification that'll send you a link right to it.

I hope you all had a fab time celebrating the New Year like I did and that this one's a good one.

All my love,