• Alexa Dione Francis

Valentines Day When You're Very Single

Hello my loves!

Unfortunately, I have so far not managed to stick to my four blog posts a month due to my mental health taking an unexpected nosedive (wow, love that for me) but I'm feeling much better. I have a piece talking about my mental health, the ups and downs I seem to be having recently, as well as some really handy resources that I would like to share.

For now though, as you can tell by this title I am writing about Valentines Day. Or today, which is just Thursday. If you're not in a relationship, Valentines Day seems rather bleak and a bit shit, especially with it being all over social media it can be quite in your face.

I am single and I have been for about a couple of years now which can be so very boring at times but on the whole, I'm finding it's better to work on the relationship I have with myself before getting into a relationship with anyone else for now. V Day can be whatever you want it to be, it doesn't have to be horrible day that makes you feel extra single. Make it a day of self love and self-care or do something with your friends, your siblings or whoever! Last year, I wanted to show my little sister this and so we did Galentines day for each other which was really sweet and we both had a lovely day. We bought each other cute cards, I got her some flowers and she gave me some chocolates! That night we had a sister sleepover and watched films while eating strawberry laces in bed. This year, I've tried to branch out a bit and have gotten some small things for some of my friends even if they have boyfriends.

If you are someone who feels a little bit sad about not having a boyfriend or girlfriend and Valentines Day gets you down a bit, I'd like to give a little list of things I will and won't be doing to ensure that I have a nice day after a long day at work.

Self Love V Day '19

1. After work I'm treating myself and am getting my nails done as I've not had acrylics for the longest time and I miss the weirdly therapeutic sound of them tapping against my phone screen. Going to be feeling good and looking good ladies!

2. I'm hoping to get some flowers for my sister again as she really liked them last year and maybe I'll get some for myself too because honestly, I don't think there are many people who don't like flowers. They're pretty and colourful and most of the time smell nice too.

3. Don't watch rom-coms. I typically love a romantic comedy but instead I think I'll watch Legally Blonde or maybe a serial killer documentary...highly depends on my mood when I get home from work I think.

4. Have tea at home. It's a nice idea to go out and treat yourself to food but you will be surrounded by couples and that would probably be a little bit depressing and that's not what you need. I imagine while I'm last minute flower shopping for my sister and some friends I'll buy some cheesecake for me to eat in bed. Truly living my best life.

5. There's nothing more cliche than this but equally it's good for the soul and it does make me feel like the queen of self care but I will be having a nice, hotter-than-lava bubble bath while doing a clay face mask.

So, a short post but I hoped to share some last minute advice for Valentines Day when you're super single like me, it's nice to make plans with and for yourself. I was inspired by these lovely pieces from Love One in Ipswich (@shoploveone on instagram), I took a photo of some bits from their Valentines Day display but they're so lovely you can get all the items in the photo for pretty much any other occasion! I've tagged the brands on my instagram which is @alexadione so if you're interested in the the funky earrings or the fab Gin pin, you can check out who they're by and can drop by Love One to get some goodies.

Happy Valentines Day, spend it the right way with shoving cheesecake in your face in bed later and have an early night.

All my love,