• Alexa Dione Francis

Pandemic! Across the World

It feels a bit weird to be writing this due to the fact that unsurprisingly, I haven't uploaded anything on here since January. Boy, life comes at you fast.

February seemed kind of normal, I honestly don't remember it happening.

So far I have broken 2020 down into a timeline of three categories which are the following: New Year, Brexit, Covid-19.

Yeah, it all went downhill pretty quickly this year. Currently the majority of the world is on lockdown so that we are slowing the spread of the Spicy Flu and by Spicy Flu I, of course, am referring to the Coronavirus.

I don't want to focus too much on the illness side of things because listening to the News is doing nothing for my mental health so, instead I would like to talk about my Stay At Home routine!

I don't have one! In the wise words of lovely author Matt Haig:

I've stopped watching the news, I have asked my parents to stop discussing statistics of the illness over dinner and I have been taking each day as it comes.

Truthfully, I was struggling with my mental health just before this worldwide pandemic. Since not being at work (I have been at home socially isolating for the last week now), I have enjoyed being able to look after myself.

To be clear, that does not mean I have been doing a workout everyday, painting, going for my Government advised daily walk and eating healthily. I have done that some days. But then for a couple of days I stayed in my pyjamas and the most I did was in fact brush my teeth, snack and watch a lot of Netflix.

It is easy to get sucked up in everyone else's social media posts and seeing how productive they have been. They just won't show you the days that they decided to sloth it out and stay in their pyjamas because they're busy munching on some Doritos and rewatching The Vampire Diaries for the seventh time!

In uncertain times like the current situation we are all in, I cannot stress how important it is to not pressure yourself into coming out of social isolation lockdown being able to paint like Picasso, embroider clothes or master any other creative skill. If you want to, go for it! If you have been wanting to learn how to embroider for the longest time but never go the chance, then this is the perfect time.

Things I Said I Would Do in Social Isolation:

- learn a language

- workout everyday

- go for a walk/run everyday

- get lots of indoor content for Instagram

- film for YouTube

- start my bullet journal

Currently What I Have Done So Far:

- deep cleaned the bathroom

- FaceTime fitness with Elle (my sister also joined us and showed us how it's done)

- binged two seasons of Marvel's Runaways

- went for a long walk in the fields with my sister

- tried to film a video for YouTube

- bought Sims4

- bought Disney+

- stayed in my pyjamas for two and a bit days

- watched a lot of Buzzfeed Unsolved

- did a full face of makeup for no reason

Based on my extensive research I would recommend the following tips for the rest of this very long continued lockdown:

1. Lazy Days

If you are planning on have a lazy day, shower and put clean comfies on and set up a cosy area that isn't your bed. You'll only struggle to sleep if you've spent all night and day horizontal

2. Exercise

Do take advantage of the daily walk. You don't need to do a full blown workout everyday so don't feel guilty when you look at your resistance bands and gym leggings in the corner. The fresh air will wipe away the tiredness of not doing a lot and again, will help you sleep. I've found that not going outside for three days straight SUCKS and I feel really low verses going for a 15 minute walk is crazy (post 15 minute solo walk and I am writing a blog post so there you go).

Should you want to do a full on workout, pick a decent playlist and get going or FaceTime your pal and do some squats while you catch up.

3. Movie Nights

To respect the fact that we are all trapped in a house together, my sister and I sharing a room etc, my family and I have spoken about basically getting on with our own thing during the day but having dinner all together and taking it in turns to pick a streaming platform and then a film from it.

It's been really nice to chill out and for us to take it in turns to watch a film that if one of us hadn't picked, we wouldn't have seen before! I would definitely recommend this if you still live at home and are trying not to kill any of your family members.

4. Crafts

I don't know about anyone else but when I was around 17 I somehow accumulated multiple colouring books so if you're not too artistically inclined but are too much of a perfectionist to whip out the watercolours, a little bit of time colouring in is weirdly nice.

5. Be kind to yourself

Not to get too deep but having to look in the mirror everyday has become really hard for me whilst being indoors because I am left with too much time alone with my thoughts. I have mentioned on my stories that in the last few months I have put on quite a bit of weight and it is really getting me down, I have become full with a lot of self hatred again which is pretty rubbish.

It's why I am forcing myself to not crash diet and do a hardcore workout everyday. I don't want to make myself feel worse by going from one extreme to another. It has been pretty hard for the poor people locked in a house with me to be around but my sister has been really kind and helpful with teaching me mini workouts done in her dance class as well as my best friend Elle FaceTiming to ensure I actually move more than a metre everyday.

Weight is something that is going to fluctuate big time when you're at home and it's all too easy to snack aaaaalllllllll day. Don't torture yourself if you lose weight and don't torture yourself if you put on weight. It is a weird enough time as it is without piling all of that onto yourself.

Little and often is going to be my workout motto for the foreseeable future!

Right, I'm off to tidy the kitchen because it is the one job I had to do today so I better get on with it quickly.

It felt good to write again, maybe I'll do a 'Top 10 Films to Watch in Lockdown' for my next post? Let me know on Instagram, you can find me @alexadione :)

All my love,